Строительство и ремонт 320 классических книг по столярному делу


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9 Фев 2018
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Название: 320 классических книг по столярному делу


Подборка из 320 старых книг по столярному делу, деревообработке, отделке древесины.
Очень много чертежей
Язык: английский

  • All books are in PDF format, for easy searching and printing
  • Woodworking has been a popular hobby, and in some cases business, for hundreds of years. This collection on 1 jam packed DVD contains 320 woodworking books on several topics.
    They can be useful for any woodworking student, or hobbyist, interested in reading about how they taught woodworking at the turn of the last century. These books provide insight into techniques, tips and tricks, and so much more.

    This DVD represents one of the largest woodworking book collections, if not the largest being offered for sale. All aspects of woodworking are covered included furniture design, wood carving, toys, vintage tool techniques, with illustrations and working drawings. All the books are in .pdf format, delivered on 1 DVD.​
    Carpentry and Framing
    British Carpentry - History & Principles of Gothic Roofs, by T. Morris, 1871, 152 pages
    Builder Vol 1, US Navy Training Course, 1993, 332 pages
    Builder Vol 2, US Navy Training Course, 1994, 354 pages
    Carpenter's & Joiner's Handbook, by H. W. Holly, 1900, 63 pages
    Carpentry for Beginners, by John Duncan Adams, 1917, 263 pages
    Carpentry Made Easy or the Science and Art of Framing, by William Bell, 1859, 220 pages
    Carpentry, by Ira Samual Griffith, 1916, 194 pages
    Cassell's Carpentry & Joinery, by P. N. Hasluck editor, 1907, 604 pages
    Constructive Carpentry, by Charles King, 1912, 204 pages
    Elementary Principles of Carpentry, by J. T. Hurst, 1875, 654 pages
    Elements of Construction, by Charles King, 1911, 220 pages
    Guide & Assistant for Carpenters & Mechanics, by H. G. Richey, 1894, 202 pages
    Introduction to the Mechanical Principles of Carpentry, by Benjamin Hale, 1827, 199 pages
    Jobbing Work for the Carpenter, by E. H. Crussell, 1914, 261 pages
    Light and Heavy Timber Framing Made Easy, by Fred T. Hodgson, 1909, 420 pages
    Manual of Carpentry and Joinery, by JW Riley, 1905, 505 pages
    Modern Carpentry & Building, by W. A. Sylvester, 1896, 272 pages
    Modern Carpentry & Joinery, by Fred T. Hodgson, 1906, 406 pages
    Modern Carpentry and Joinery Vol1, by Fred T. Hogson, 1902, 382 pages
    Modern Carpentry and Joinery Vol2, by Fred T. Hogson, 1906, 396 pages
    Modern Practical Joinery, by George Ellis, 1908, 612 pages
    Practical Carpentry Joinery and Cabinetry, by Peter Nicholson, 1826, 369 pages
    Practical Carpentry, by Fred T. Hodgson, 1883, 154 pages
    Practical Carpentry, Vol I, by William A. Radford, 1907, 316 pages
    Practical Carpentry, Vol I I, by William. A. Radford, 1907, 321 pages
    Radford's cyclopedia of construction, by William Radford, 1909, 410 pages
    Rustic Carpentry, by Paul Hasluck, 1908, 161 pages
    Stair Building the Steel Square, by Fred T. Hodgson and Morris Williams, 1917, 113 pages
    Textbook of Modern Carpentry, by Thomas Silloway, 1879, 232 pages
    The Art of Stair Building, by J.R. Perry, 1855, 66 pages
    The Builders Companion, by WIlliam Pain, 1762, 48 pages
    The Building Trades Pocketbook, Handy Manual on Building Construction, by ICS, 1905, 452 pages
    The Carpenters' and Builders' Guide, by Peter Plummer, 1891, 88 pages
    The Home Mechanic - Carpentry, Painting, etc., by R. J. Schofield, 1897, 896 pages
    The Modern House Carpenter, by W.A. Sylvester, 1882, 167 pages
    Wooden Hull Inspection and Repair Manual, by The US Coast Guard, 1900, 55 pages
    Woodworking on the Farm
    Agricultural Woodworking, by Louis Roehl, 1916, 148 pages
    Farm Woodwork, by Louis Roehl, 1919, 144 pages
    Louden Barn Plans, by Louden Machinery Company, 1915, 113 pages
    Manual Training for the Rural Schools a Group of Farm and Farm Home Woodworking Problems, by Louis Roehl, 1916, 51 pages
    Problems in Farm Woodwork, by Samuel Blackburn, 1915, 138 pages
    Lathe Work and Turning
    A Brief Account of Ibbetson's Geometric Chuck, by J. H. Ibbetson, Illustrated by Holtzapffel, 1833, 60 pages
    A Course in Wood Turning, by A. S. Milton & O. K. Wholers, 1919, 342 pages
    A High School Course in Wood Pattern Making, by J. H. Wilson, 1916, 130 pages
    A Laboratory Course in Wood Turning, with Exercises, by M. J. Golden, 1897, 79 pages
    A Manual of the Hand Lathe, by Egbert P. Watson, 1869, 148 pages
    Art & Education in Wood Turning, by W. W. Klene, 1921, 120 pages
    Artistic Wood Turning Works Catalog, by E. Rutishauser, 1917, 44 pages
    Descriptive Catalogue of the Woods for the Mechanical & Ornamental Arts, by C. Holtzapffel, 1852, 140 pages
    Elementary Turning for Use in Manual Training Classes, by F. H. Selden, 1907, 208 pages
    Lathe Work for Beginners, by Raymond Francis Yates, 1922, 281 pages
    Modern American Lathe Practice, by Oscar Perrigo, 1907, 442 pages
    Ornamental Turning; a Work of Practical Instruction in the Above Art, Vol 1, by JH Evans, 1903, 196 pages
    Ornamental Turning; a Work of Practical Instruction in the Above Art, Vol 2, by JH Evans, 1903, 194 pages
    Ornamental Turning; a Work of Practical Instruction in the Above Art, Vol 3, by JH Evans, 1903, 193 pages
    Pattern Making Kinks, by F. H. Colvin & F. A. Stanley, 1908, 140 pages
    Pattern Making, by J. A. Shelly, 1920, 356 pages
    Pattern Making, by J. Ritchey, 1921, 255 pages
    Patternmaking, by J. Ritchey, 1908, 168 pages
    Patternmaking, by Joseph Shelly, 1920, 360 pages
    Patterns for Turning, by H. W. Elphinstone, 1872, 368 pages
    Problems in Wood Turning, by F. D. Crawshaw, 1909, 92 pages
    Simple Decorative Lathe Work, by J. Lukin, 1905, 101 pages
    Specimens in Eccentric Circular Turning, by J. H. Ibbetson, 1900, 220 pages
    The Handbook of Turning - Concentric, Elliptic & Eccentric & Patterns, Anonymous, 1842, 215 pages
    The Lathe & Its Uses, with Appendix on Eccentric Turning, Etc., by J. Lukin, 1898, 297 pages
    The Pattern Maker's Assistant, by J. Rose, 1878, 330 pages
    The Practice of Hand Turning in Wood, Ivory, Shell, Etc., by F. Campin, 1868, 382 pages
    The Turner's Companion - Concentric, Elliptic & Eccentric Turning & Patterns, Anonymous, 1868, 196 pages
    The Turner's Manual, by L.E. Bergeron, 1877, 297 pages
    The Wood Turner's Handybook, Practical Manual for Workers at the Lathe, by P. N. Hasluck, 1901, 152 pages
    Training in Wood-work, Carpentry, Wood Turning & Pattern Work, by James Tate, 1902, 123 pages
    Turning & Boring Tapers, by Fred. H. Colvin, 1902, 28 pages
    Turning & Mechanical Manipulation, Volume 1, by Charles Holtzapffel, 1852-1881, 503 pages
    Turning & Mechanical Manipulation, Volume 2, by Charles Holtzapffel, 1852-1881, 603 pages
    Turning & Mechanical Manipulation, Volume 3, by Charles Holtzapffel, 1852-1881, 491 pages
    Turning & Mechanical Manipulation, Volume 4, by Charles Holtzapffel, 1852-1881, 631 pages
    Turning Lathes, by J. Lukin, 1890, 188 pages
    Wood Pattern-Making , by Horace Purfield, 1906, 234 pages
    Wood Pattern-making; a Text Book for the Use of High School, Trade School, Technical School and College Students, by Horace Purfield, C1911, 251 pages
    Wood Pattern-Making; the Fundamental Principles and Elementary Practice of the Art, by Horace Purfield, 1906, 230 pages
    Wood Turning, by George Alexander Ross, 1909, 87 pages
    Wood Turning, by George Henry Resides & Hugo Diemer, 1911, 127 pages
    Wood Turning, by W. Fairham, 1921, 164 pages
    Wood Working, Wood Turning, Patternmaking, by ICS, 1905, 813 pages
    Wood Working, Wood Turning, Patternmaking, Green Sand Molding, Core Making, ICS 1903, 781 pages
    Woodworking Art and Historical Books
    A History of Oak Furniture, by Fred Roe, 1920, 139 pages
    Arts & Crafts Essays, Arts & Crafts Exhibition Society, by William Morris, 1893, 467 pages
    Colonial Furniture in America, by Like Vincent Lockwood, 1901, 422 pages
    Craftsman Homes, by Gustab Stickley, 1909, 229 pages
    English Church Woodwork, by FE Howard and FH Crossley, 1917, 420 pages
    Furniture Masterpieces of Duncan Phyfe, by Charles Cornelius, 1922, 161 pages
    Furniture of the Olden Time, by France Clary Morse, 1902, 398 pages
    Furniture of the Pilgrim Century, by Wallace Nutting, 1921, 592 pages
    Furniture, by Esther Singleton, 1911, 539
    History of the Lumber Industry of America Volume 1, by James Defebaugh, 1906, 579 pages
    History of the Lumber Industry of America Volume 2, by James Defebaugh, 1906, 709 pages
    Intarsia and Marquetry, by F. Hamilton Jackson, 1903, 259 pages
    Lumber Its Manufacture and Distribution, by Ralph Clement Bryant, 1922, 572 pages
    Oak Carving in Tudor, by PFS Amery, 1907, 17 pages
    Old English Furniture, by Frederick Benne, and B Wyllie, 1904, 265 pages
    Old English Furniture and its Surroundings, by Maciver Percival, 1920, 288 pages
    Old Oak Furniture, by Fred Roe, 1905, 398 pages
    Panelled Rooms, 1920, 43 pages
    The Book of Garden Furniture, by Charles Thonger, 1903, 160 pages
    The Furniture of Our Forefathers, by Esther Singleton, 1913, 929 pages
    The Panelled Rooms 01, 1914, 47 pages
    The Panelled Rooms 02, 1914, 47 pages
    The Practical Book of Period Furniture, by Harold Donaldson Eberlein, 1914, 499 pages
    Wood Craft, 1914, 438 pages
    Wood in Aircraft Construction, US Dept of Agriculture, 1919, 160 pages
    Wood Using Industries of New York Part1, by John Tyre Harris, 1913, 238 pages
    Wood Using Industries of New York Part2, by John Tyre Harris, 1913. 25 pages
    Woodcarving, by Francis Bond, 1910, 267 pages
    Wooden Ship Building, by Charles Desmond, 1919, 234 pages
    Wood Using Industries of Quebec, Dept of the Interior, 1918, 98 pages
    Wood Using Industries of South Carolina, US Dept of Agriculture, 1913, 90 pages
    Wood Carving and Fretting
    A Manual of Fret Cutting and Wood Carving, by Major Gen. Sir Thomas Seaton, 1875, 166 pages
    A Manual of Wood Carving, by Charles Leland, 1891, 189 pages
    A Manual of Wood Carving, by Charles Leland, 1909, 191 pages
    A Monograph on Wood Carving in the United Provinces Agra and Oudh, by JL Maffey, 1903, 67 pages
    A Village Class for Drawing & Wood Carving, by G. Martineau, 1891, 117 pages
    Chip Carving, by Harris Moore, 1922, 57 pages
    Easy Lessons in the Art of Practical Wood Carving, by F. T. Hodgson, 1905, 321 pages
    Elementary Woodcarving, 1908, 105 pages
    Fret Sawing and Wood Carving for Amateur, by George Sawyer, 1875, 93 pages
    Fret-cutting & Perforated Carving, by W. Bemrose, 1870, 94 pages
    Manual of Wood Carving, by W. Bemrose, Circa 1900, 73 pages
    Practical Wood Carving, by E. Rowe, 1907, 261 pages
    The Art of Wood Carving, by GA Rogers, 1867, 90 pages
    The Wood Carver of Salem, by Frank Cousins and Phil Riley, 1916, 325 pages
    Wood Carving, by J. Phillips, 1896, 98 pages
    Woodcarving, by George Jack, 1903, 333 pages
    The Characteristics of Wood, Seasoning and Preserving
    A Lecture on the Preservation of Timber from Dry Rot, by D Birkberk, circa 1890, 60 pages
    A Manual of Indian & Ceylon Timbers, by J. S. Gamble, 1902, 925 pages
    A Textbook of Wood, by Herbert Stone, 1921, 337 pages
    A Treatise on the Origin, Progress, Prevention & Cure of Dry Rot Timber, by T. A. Britton, 1875, 368 pages
    Arkansas Soft Pine Hand Book, 1925, 68 pages
    British Grown Timber & Timber Trees, by A. D. Webster, 1916, 272 pages
    Creosote Timber - Its Preparation & Uses, by Norfolk Creosoting Company, 1900, 128 pages
    Descriptive Catalogue of the British Woods Commonly Employed, by C. Holtzapffel, 1852, 141 pages
    Fret-cutting & Perforated Carving, by W. Bemrose, 1870, 92 pages
    Handbook on Wood Preservation, by American Wood-Preservers Association, 1916, 92 pages
    Identification of the Economic Woods of the United States, by S. J. Record, 1919, 205 pages
    Lumber and Its Uses, by RS Kellog, 1914, 396 pages
    Paint and Varnish Facts and Formulae, by J. N. Hoff, 1905, 199 pages
    Preservative Treatment of Fence Posts, by R. G. Lewis, 1913, 19 pages
    Preservative Treatment of Wood Poles, by R. V. Achatz, 1920, 60 pages
    Protecting Wood from Seaworms & Limnoria, by Culver, 1877, 18 pages
    Seasoning of Wood, by J. B. Wagner, 1917, 300 pages
    Studies in Wood Decay, by Henry Schmitz, 1921, 20 pages
    The Handyman's 1,000 Practical Receipts, edited by Bernard Edward Jones, 1914, 162 pages
    The Preservation of Structural Timber, by H. Weiss, 1916, 385 pages
    The Preservation of the Exterior of Wooden Buildings, by A. Cushman, 1911, 22 pages
    The Preservation of Timber by Antiseptics, by S. B. Boulton, 1885, 246 pages
    The Preservation of Wood, by Thomas Rodd, 1919, 74 pages
    The Preservative Treatment of Wood with Creosote Oil, by AWPA. circa 1900, 22 pages
    The Seasoning of South African Woods, by N. B. Eckbo, 1922, 52 pages
    The Seasoning of Wood, 1917, 42 pages
    The Structure of Wood & Some of Its Properties & Uses, by E. Gerry, 1916, 20 pages
    The Use of Wood for Fuel, 1919, 54 pages
    The Woods of The United States, by C. S. Sargent, 1885, 220 pages
    Timber - Study of Wood in All Its Aspects, by P. Charpentier, 1902, 490 pages
    Timber Technicalities, by E. Haynes, 1921, 201 pages
    Timber, Elementary discussion of the characteristics and properties of wood, by USDA, 1895, 91 pages
    Timbers & Their Uses, by W. Winn, 1919, 370 pages
    Wood & Forest, by W. Noyes, 1912, 317 pages
    Wood & Its Uses, by P. B. Eassie, 1874, 233 pages
    Wood and Other Organic Structural Materials, by Charles Snow, 1917, 541 pages
    Wood Handbook - Wood as an Engineering Materia, by M. A. Dietenberger et al, USDA, 507 pages
    Wood Handbook, by USDA, 1987, 470 pages
    Wood Preservation in the United States, by William Forsythe Sherfesee, 1909, 46 pages
    Wood Preserving Terms, by Ernest Hartman, 1922, 95 pages
    Wood Products - Distillates & Extracts, by P. Dumesny & D. Grant, 1908, 383 pages
    Wood Pulp and Its Uses, by CF Ross, 1911, 310 pages
    Wood, A Manual of the Natural History, by George Boulger, 1908, 422 pages
    Wood-using Industries of Florida, by Hu Maxwell, 1912, 89 pages
    Woodwork for the Grades, by Frank Henry Selden, 1917, 267 pages
    Wood Engraving and Sculpting
    A Brief History of Wood-engraving, by Joseph Cundall, 1895, 147 pages
    A History of Wood Engraving, by George Woodberry, 1883, 226 pages
    A Manual of Instruction on the Art of Wood Engraving, by S. E. Fuller, 1867, 54 pages
    A Treatise on Wood Engraving, by John Jackosn, 1861, 728 pages
    An Historical Sketch of the Art of Sculpture in Wood, by R. F. Williams, 1835, 127 pages
    Handbook of Wood Engraving, by William Andrew Emerson, 1881, 106 pages
    One Hundred Book Plates Engraved on Wood, by Thomas Moring, 1901, 236 pages
    Six Lectures on Wood & Metal Engraving, by J. Ruskin, 1904, 354 pages
    Some Practical Hints on Wood Engraving, by W.J. Linton, 1879, 111 pages
    Specimens of Early Wood Engraving, by William Dodd, 1862, 254 pages
    The Art of Drawing & Engraving on Wood, by W. Marx, 1881, 60 pages
    The Art of Wood Engraving in Italy, by Friedrich Lippmann, 1888, 217 pages
    The History of Wood Engraving in America, by W. J. Linton, 1882, 164 pages
    The Technique of Wood Sculpture, by C. Gross, Circa 1900, 138 pages
    Wood Sculpture, by Alfred Maskeel, 1911, 585 pages
    Wood Engraving, A Manual, by William James Linton, 153 pages
    Wood Engraving Today, by Frank Weitenkampf, 1917, 17 pages
    Wood Finishing
    All Kinds of Wood Finishing, Furniture Trade Journal, 1880, 124 pages
    Architectural Hardwood Finishing, by G. Whigelt, 1906, 134 pages
    How to Finish Natural Woods, by Berry Bros, 1894, 88 pages
    How to Teach Wood Finishing, by Frank Henry Seli, 1914, 64 pages
    Lumber, Laths, Doors, Sash, Blinds, Moulding and Interior Finish, Exterior Finish Brackets, by AC Olney, 1898, 365 pages
    Modern Hardwood Finishing, Etc., by Armstrong, 1918, 806 pages
    Problems of the Finishing Room, by W. K. Schmidt, 1922, 608 pages
    The Art of Mordanting and Staining and the Complete Treatment of Wood Surfaces, 1911, 145 pages
    The Expert Wood Finisher, by A. Ashmun Kelly, 1921, 293 pages
    The Hardwood Finisher, by F. T. Hodgson, 1892, 104 pages
    The Modern Wood Finisher, by F. Miare, 1901, 172 pages
    The Proper Treatment for Floors, Woodwork & Furniture, by Johnson & Sons, 1905, 34 pages
    The up to Date Hardwood Finisher, by Fred T. Hodgson, 1908, 307 pages
    Wood Finishing, by Paul N. Hasluck, 1887, 127 pages
    Wood Finishing Comprising Staining, Varnishing, and Polishing, by Paul Hasluck, 1906, 136 pages
    Wood Painting, Enameling, Staining & Finishing, by Anonymous, 1913, 54 pages
    Total Woodworking Books
    A Course in Woodwork Training for Schools, by W. W. Murray, 1897, 76 pages
    A Shorter Course in Woodworking, by Charles Wheeler, 1911, 322 pages
    A Syllabus of a Course on Elementary Woodworking, by WIlliam Noyes, 1913, 56 pages
    A Treatise on the Construction and Operation of Woodworking Machines, by John Richards, 1872, 365 pages
    Advanced Projects in Woodwork, by Ira Samuel Griffith, 1912, 125 pages
    Advanced Toy Making for Schools, by DM Mitchell, 1922, 126 pages
    Amateur Carpenter, by A. H. Verrill, 1915, 276 pages
    Amateur Joinery in the Home, by George Audsley, 1916, 125 pages
    An Outline Course of Lessons in Wood-working, by Harlen Shaw, 1890, 35 pages
    Applied Science for Woodworkers, by William Dooley, 1919, 478 pages
    Bamboo Work, by Paul Hasluck, 1901, 163 pages
    Bench Work in Wood, by WIlliam Freeman and Myrick Goss, 1888, 183 pages
    Bench Work in Wood, by W.F.M. Goss, 1902, 182 pages
    Berlin Course of Easy Woodwork, by WG Field, 1895, 73 pages
    Cabinetwork and Joinery, by Paul Hasluck, 1907, 562 pages
    Carpentry for Beginners - Things to Make, by J. D. Adams, 1917, 277 pages
    Cedar Chests How to Make Them, by Ralph Windoes, 1918, 84 pages
    Common Sense Stair Building and Handrailing, by Fred Hodgson, 1916, 253 pages
    Coping Saw Work, by Ben Johnson, 1909, 28 pages
    Correlated Course in Woodwork and Mechanical Drawing, by Ira Griffith, 1912, 246 pages
    Course on Elementary Woodworking, by W. Noyes, 1913, 56 pages
    Design and Construction in Wood, by WIlliam Noyes, 1913, 162 pages
    Design and Construction in Wood, by WIlliam Noyes, 1916, 162 pages
    Dust & Refuse Removal from Woodworking Machines, by H. D. Sayer, 1922, 56 pages
    Educational Woodworking for Home and School, by Joseph Park, 1908, 334 pages
    Elementary Course in Woodwork, by G. A. Ross, 1901, 132 pages
    Elementary Woodwork, Carpentry for Boys, by George Kilbon, 1893, 120 pages
    Elementary Woodworking Projects, by Harold Wise, 1922, 134 pages
    Elementary Woodworking, by Edwin Foster, 1908, 150 pages
    Elements of Style in Furniture & Woodwork, by R. Brook, 1889, 135 pages
    Elements of Woodwork, by Charles King, 1911, 167 pages
    Essentials of Woodworking, by Ira Griffith, 1908, 200 pages
    Exercises in Woodworking, by Ivin Sickels, 1889, 172 pages
    First Lessons in Manual Training and Carpentry, 1908, 36 pages
    First Lessons in Wood Working, by Alfred Compton, 1888, 211 pages
    Forty Lessons in Carpentry Workshop, by Charles Mitchell, 1896, 108 pages
    Furniture Designing & Draughting, by A. Crocker, 1914, 136 pages
    Furniture Designing and Draughting, by Alvan Crocker, 1900, 116 pages
    Furniture for the Craftsman, by P. D. Otter, 1914, 314 pages
    Furniture Making Advanced Projects in Woodwork, by Ira Griffith, 1917, 72 pages
    Handbook in Woodwork and Carpentry, by Charles King, 1911, 151 pages
    Handcraft in Wood & Metal, by J. Hooper & A. J. Shirley, 1913, 288 pages
    Handicraft for Handy Boys Practical Plans for Work and Play, by A. Neely Hall, 1911, 520 pages
    Handwork in Wood, by William Noyes, 1910, 248 pages
    Hints & Information for Cabinet Makers, Upholsterers & Furniture Men, by IPC, 1907, 132 pages
    Hints for Carpenters, by Albert Fair, 1909, 152 pages
    Home Furniture Making, by GA Raeth, 1910, 245 pages
    Home Mechanics for Amateurs, by George M. Hopkins, 1903, 398 pages
    How to Make Common Things, by John A Bower, 1895, 234 pages
    Industrial Education - Woodworking, etc, by S. G. Love, 1887, 335 pages
    Keeping Down the Cost of Your Woodwork, by Curtis Companies, 1923, 19 pages
    Learn by Doing, - A Scheme of Simple Woodwork, by J. H. Judd, 1906, 229 pages
    Manual Instruction Woodwork, by S. Barter, 1892, 376 pages
    Manual Training for Common Schools, by Eldreth Allen, 1910, 241 pages
    Manual Training in Education, by Calvin Milton Woodward, 1896, 337 pages
    Manual Training in Education, by J. V. Blake, 1886, 102 pages
    Mounting and Framing Pictures, by Paul Hasluck, 1906, 164 pages
    New Universal Moulding Book, Rand McNally, 1891, 100 pages
    Our Workshop Being a Practical Guide to the Amateur, 1873, 208 pages
    Practical Treatise on the Steel Square Vol1, by Fred Hodgson, 1913, 314 pages
    Practical Treatise on the Steel Square Vol2, by Fred Hodgson, 1913, 271 pages
    Problems in Carpentry, by L. M. Roehl, 1913, 121 pages
    Problems in Elementary Woodworking, by H. J. P. Vitz, 1920, 135 pages
    Problems in Furniture Making, by Fred Crawshaw, 1912, 82 pages
    Problems in Woodwork, by Edward Worst, 1917, 246 pages
    Problems in Woodwork, by Edward Worst, 1922, 251 pages
    Problems in Woodworking, by M.W. Murray, 1905, 62 pages
    Progressive Carpentry, by D. H. Meloy, 1902, 93 pages
    Projects for Beginning Woodwork and Mechanical Drawing, by Ira Griffith, 1912, 144 pages
    Safety in Woodworking, 1918, 342 pages
    Shavings and Sawdust, 1884, 163 pages
    Shop Work, by Frederick Turner, 1918, 375 pages
    Simple Woodwork, by Joseph Judd, 1906, 231 pages
    Smiths Work, by Paul Hasluck, 1904, 157 pages
    The Art and Craft of Cabinet-Making, by D. Denning, 1891, 348 pages
    The Art of Carpentry & Joinery, 1873, 208 pages
    The Boy Craftsman, by A. Neely Hall, 1905, 454 pages
    The Carpenters' Guide, by H. Miller, 1920, 114 pages
    The Carpenter's New Guide, by P. Nicholson, 1850, 294 pages
    The Carpenters, Joiners, Cabinet Makers Companion, by F. Reinnel, 1876, 152 pages
    The Circle of the Mechanical Arts, by Thomas Martin, 1813, 684 pages
    The Gluing of Wood, by T.R. Truax, 1929, 103 pages
    The Illustrated Wood Worker, by Frederick Thomas Hodgson, 1879, 149 pages
    The Practical Cabinet Maker & Furniture Designer's Assistant, by F. T. Hodgson, 1910, 372 pages
    The Sloyd System of Wood Working, by B.B. Hoffman, 1892, 247 pages
    Things to Make in Your Home Workshop, by Arther Wakeling, 1930, 260 pages
    Tool Processes in Woodworking, by A.P. Laughlin, 1919, 82 pages
    Tools and Machines, by Charles Barnard, 1903, 170 pages
    Wooden Box and Crate Construction, by Forrest Products Lab, 1921, 233 pages
    Woodwork and Mechanical Drawing, by William Paul Fox, 1914, 148 pages
    Woodwork Course for Boys, by William Nelson, 1893, 69 pages
    Woodwork for Beginners, by Ira Griffith, 1916, 85 pages
    Woodwork for Schools on Scientific Lines, by James Thomas Baily, 1909, 170 pages
    Woodwork for Secondary Schools, by Ira Griffith, 1916, 379 pages
    Woodwork for the Grades, by Frank Selden, 1912, 261 pages
    Woodwork for the Grades, by Frank Selden, 1913, 259 pages
    Woodwork Joints, by William Fairham, 1921, 229 pages
    Woodwork of Quality, by James Davidson's Sons, 1920, 91 pages
    Woodworking - An Outline Course, State Normal School, 1890, 29 pages
    Woodworking for Amateur Craftsman, by Ira Griffith, 1911, 130 pages
    Woodworking for Beginners, by CG Wheeler, 1900, 571 pages
    Woodworking for Beginners, by CG Wheeler, 1906, 571 pages
    Woodworking Machinery Handbook, by J. Richards, 1873, 215 pages
    Woodworking Machinery, by M. Powis Bale, 1880, 461 pages
    Woodworking Safeguards, by David Van Schaack, 1911, 230 pages
    Woodworking Tools How to Use Them, by DC Heath, 1896, 120 pages
    Woodworking Tools, by DC Heath, 1881, 117 pages
    Woodworking, by ICS, 1901, 820 pages
    Workshop Receipts, by Ernest Spon, 1883, 471 pages​

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